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Education is the most crucial input for empowering people especially youth with skills and knowledge and giving them access to productive employment in future. It develops confidence and helps in building the personality of a person. Education improves an individual’s quality of life. Hence, it is necessary to develop an education system which generates human capital for achieving social and economic development. But Education is increasing with the new paradigm. Education is becoming very costly in recent time. The fee structures followed by different institutions are different and higher. Mostly students cannot afford the costly education. But the central government is playing a tremendous role in financing the education by providing scholarships to the eligible students. The aim of this research paper to emphasize on some national scholarships and highlight the Gross Enrollment ratio of India. The paper concludes with recommendations on enhancing the effectiveness of scholarships to improve access and employability of the students.

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Abstract Procrastination and personality are those behaviour aspects which affect the performance of an individual. The previous literature supports the fact that the neuroticism and the conscientiousness are strong predictors of the procrastination. The objective of the present study was to examine the impact of neuroticism and conscientiousness on procrastination among the management students. The present study was conducted in the State of Punjab. The sample of the study contained 181 MBA students of public universities. The data were collected by the Judgement sampling technique. The result clears that conscientiousness and neuroticism were strong predictors of the procrastination. But the nature of the relationship between these variable was different. Neuroticism was found positively associated with the procrastination and conscientiousness was found negatively associated with the procrastination.

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1. सार(।इेजतंबज) वस्तु एव ंसेवाकर और जी.एस.टी. भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था में एक महत्वपूर्ण खेल परिवर्तक के रुप में स्थापित हा ेरहाहै। भारत के वित्तमंत्री द्वारा 2015 के बजट में इसकी घोषणा की थी। भारत म ेंवस्तु एवं सेवाओं के लिए केन्द्र व राज्य सरकार द्वारा अलग-अलग कर लिया जाता था। अतः जी.एस.टी. द्वारा एक राष्ट्र एक टैक्स की व्याख्या को परिपूर्ण किया गया। जी.एस.टी. मे सभी करो को एक कर म ंेबदलकर अन्य छोटे-बड़े व बार-बार के करांे से मुक्ति का उपाय सुझाया गया।

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Abstract National Curriculum Frameworks published in 2005 by the National Council of Educational Research and Training NCERT in India (NCF 2005) is one of the policy by the National Council of Educational Research and Training NCERT in India. The Framework provides the framework for making syllabus, textbooks and teaching practices within the school education programmes in India. The NCF 2005 document draws its policy basis from earlier government reports on education as Learning Without Burden. But it is not fully succeeded in achieving its objectives in current teaching scenario, therefore we need to draft NCF2009 for teacher education, an Indian government body set up under the National Council for Teacher Education Act 1993.This paper critically examines the objectives of policy manifest by makers. The paper advocates the reforms in learner centered approach in school teaching, so that students can learn and do activities by themselves under the instruction or observation of teacher.

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Abstract: In this article the principle center is accentuated around management under risk i.e. Risk - management. This specific branch of management has an indispensable part at show on the planet, Risk management is the request of the everyday in each management system. Because of quickly developing financial advancement, management is confronting extraordinary difficulties to battle the request circumstance proficiently. My region of point under risk management, manages construction task; and how it is mongered effectively. Construction venture is becoming quickly in this time of quick improvement Never in the historical backdrop of construction has ever observed such a tremendous size of construction which is amazing and without a doubt testing. It has accordingly, turned out to be basically imperative to reduce or moderate risk particularly in the construction undertaking or task. The Risk - word for the most part discuss a Bad outcome or adverse to somebody's wellbeing or to cause stress over because of some reason. In reality any business wander contains on component of risk. In this manner it is trusted that any undertaking has a risk or a mix of risk and opportunity it is inescapable actuality. In our theme of risk management in connection to construction extend, risk is plausible or prone to happen, might be amid construction or significantly from that point. Risk, despite the most imperative factor to center, for it includes lives of individuals cash and notoriety of the management Right choice skill . furthermore, material utilized as a part of the construction is very conspicuous factor. Its quality and strength are exceedingly requested.

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