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    1 Author(s):  SUBROTO GANGULY

Vol -  9, Issue- 2 ,         Page(s) : 138 - 146  (2018 ) DOI :


FDI play AN necessary role in economic development of a nation. A country’s technology level and sectoral development is relying upon the amount of FDI inflows. the aim of this study is to analyze the trend of FDI equity inflows in completely different sectors and regional offices. This paper additionally helps to grasp the share of prime finance countries in FDI equity inflows in Asian country. so as to get the objectives of this study, we have a tendency to used secondary knowledge for the periods of 2000-2013. The secondary knowledge has been collected from varied journals, books, Newspapers and websites etc. the most FDI inflows will be seen within the Service and construction sector whereas telecommunication, laptop hardware and medication sector attract the equal FDI equity inflows i.e. 6 June 1944 of total FDI inflows. The results additionally conferred that Asian country have received most FDI inflows from the Mauritius and followed by the Singapore. The elaborated discussion regarding the Foreign Direct Investment is AN original contribution of this paper.

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