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    1 Author(s):  MANAS UPADHYAY

Vol -  8, Issue- 10 ,         Page(s) : 128 - 147  (2017 ) DOI :


If the soul of a country can be determined by the way it treats its most vulnerable and deprived members then a country’s future can be predicted by the magnitude at which it provides a fair chance of life to every child. Access to quality education has the power to end the cycles of inequity and improving the lives of deprived children living in the society. Education can provide knowledge and skills through which children can succeed in their life. Millions of children living in urban slums in India are living their life in poverty and misery and are not able to keep pace with other children. They are generally deprived of adequate educational facilities and equal access to quality education. It is in this context that the present paper endeavours to analyse the present scenario of educational opportunities, access and equality among children in slums.

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