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    1 Author(s):  ARUN KUMAR MISHRA

Vol -  8, Issue- 3 ,         Page(s) : 44 - 49  (2017 ) DOI :


There has been extensive research in the last few years on adapting teaching to differences among learners, on the social and institutional context of teaching in higher education and, more recently, on the theory and methods of research on teaching. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of various teaching methods used for teaching students for higher education. This review of literature on Quality Teaching aims to provide a theoretical background to the quality of teaching in Higher Education. It highlights the main debates on the topic to date, hoping to present the different perspectives that exist on the topic of quality in teaching. The review of the literature is organized in three main parts as to address three major questions: 1) “What is Quality Teaching and why is it important in higher education?” 2) “How can teaching concretely be enhanced?” 3) “How can one make sure Quality Teaching initiatives are effective?”

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