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Author(s): MR. TANUJ KUMAR


In modern era human life is full of competition. In every field life human feel lot of stress. In the general field or field of sports and games every human /sportsmen are usually seen under the stress for their better performance in their life or win in the competition. According to the various physical educationalists, Physical education as well as activities of sports plays a significant role in the harmonious development of an individual. It is very difficult task to meet out the lot of stress without the appropriate program of physical education and sports. As a matter of fact, unachievable things can be achieved by involving in high quality programs of physical education and sports. In the field of physical education and sports Yoga is one of them. Yoga has a positive and strengthening impact on the physique and mind of the performer in the every field of sports.

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ROLE OF YOGA IN THE FIELD OF SPORTS. MR. TANUJ KUMAR.2017 .10,s.l.: CASIRJ,2017, International Research Journal of Commerce , Arts and Science ,Vol.8